Jesus Jeans, Italian-based popular and controversial jeans brand born in 1971, celebrated its comeback at Pitti Uomo with Marco Boglione, president and owner of Basic Net, owner of the brand together with Kappa, Robe di Kappa, Superga and K-Way.

Although Jesus Jeans had no longer been distributed since 1992, the brand has remained popular because of its provocative ad campaigns shot by Oliviero Toscani and slogans such as "Those who love me will follow me".

Former Jesus Jeans campaign
Former Jesus Jeans campaign
The new s/s 2012 collection will be available at stores in Italy starting December 2, 2011. It will offer a very compact collection of twelve items - a few clean five-pocket jeans, jeans jackets, chambray shirts, overalls, a pair of hot pants and a belt with retail prices ranging between €100 and 180. All pieces will be produced according to toxic-free principles and delivered in eco-friendly cardboard boxes. Moreover, thanks to a special QR Code attached to each garment, each item will be tracked through all of its production steps.

The first year the brand will only be sold in Italy through 600 stores. Foreign distribution will start from s/s 2013.

“I'm sure this is the right time for this relaunch," commented Boglione. “The collection was born in 1971 when jeans were a synonym for costume revolution. But those years were also marked by the beginning of the computer age. And people like Steve, Bill and friends - who at those times started a revolution - wore jeans, too. Today, a similar energy is in the air - both for a desire of change and because the young generation communicates so much via the web."

The relaunch of the brand was presented inside the Magazzini del Teatro location together with ten rare digital pieces, such as the Apple-1 model and reproductions of the brand's historical campaign.