April 28, 2005 - LA-based Jamison Properties Inc., whose real estate portfolio includes 90 buildings in greater Los Angeles, has purchased the California Market Center (CMC). The CMC (www.californiamarketcenter.com) was previously owned by London-based dmg World Media.

Located at Olympic Boulevard and Main Street in downtown LA, and called The CaliforniaMart until 2003, the CMC has long been considered the heart of the West Coast fashion industry, housing thousands of fashion and accessories lines for men, women and children. The showroom facility occupies three million square feet; in 2003, the center added 240,000 square feet of gift and home showroom space, anchored by some of the top names in the industry. It currently features a new lobby and front patio decor, revamped common areas, and a newly designed 2A wing, home to several leading women's apparel brands.

“We look forward to furthering the mission of this renowned facility by partnering with our tenants and with the greater downtown community,” said John Kim, the CMC’s new general manager.

“Jamison believes in this property wholeheartedly as a long-term investment, and we are dedicated to fostering this vital environment for our valued tenants and for the industries it supports.”

Kim remains committed to working with the surrounding fashion buildings through The Intersection, a collaboration of downtown building owners and the Business Improvement District. The aim is to bring traffic and resources to LA's Downtown Fashion District.

The CMC will continue with its yearly roster of markets and tradeshows, including an apparel market, June 10-14, and the Los Angeles Gift and Home Market, July 19-26, held in cooperation with the California Gift Show.