"Way too quiet" was the general statement of exhibitors on the second and last day of the JAM trade show, June 18-19, in Munich. Organizers also announced that the show officially recorded 1,200 visitors. "It is really a pity that so little retailers showed up. The location is fine, the atmosphere perfect to write orders, but nevertheless the result for us was not satisfying," Torsten Homeyer of the denim label Blast said, summing up what many exhibitors concluded.

About 80 denim and sportswear brands including Firetrap, Cipo & Baxx, Freeman T. Porter and Colins presented their collections for summer 2011 in the Zenith Halle in Munich. This was the return of JAM to its original venue after locations in Cologne and, last season, Berlin, concurrent with Berlin Fashion Week with Bread & butter and Premium. "Berlin did not work for us for several reasons, so we thought the return to Munich makes sense and to position JAM back again as a nationally respectively regionally relevant trade show. That was also the wish of our exhibitors. That makes it even more difficult for me to understand why it was calmer than we hoped and retailers do not take the opportunity we give them," JAM sales and marketing director Guenther Sommer said.

The reasons for the absence of guests seem to be various: some brands mentioned the ongoing difficult economic situation, others thought it was due to Bread & butter and its return to Germany that made other fairs redundant for retailers. "On the one hand timewise, it is too close after all the Berlin events. On the other hand, to wait longer would be almost too late for the orders. It really is a difficult situation, but after this unfortunately I must say that it was not worth the investment," said Osmer Kocoglu of the jeanswear label Rusty Neal. "There are also some big brands missing here. Some that would help to attract clients to come," Beatrix Brunner-Stegner of Colac Jeanswear added. "For Firetrap it was worth coming here, we even made some new clients. Still, I have to say that it is always the well-informed and active ones that show up. In general I am always wondering why so many retailers especially the ones in the Munich area do not use the opportunity," Frank Goetz of Firetrap explained.

That left the question of whether exhibitors will give JAM in Munich another try next season. "I doubt we will take part again. We did not expect too much beforehand already but still the result was beneath our expectations," Ismail Bayram concluded. Meanwhile, others wished for JAM to test Berlin again, "in a location closer to Bread & butter and with a well working shuttle service," said Kocoglu. “It is too early to confirm what we will offer for the next season,” Sommer responded. “Still, brands and retailers tell us that a platform for more commercial brands is requested. So of course we plan to go on with JAM.”