Flying Horse Indigo Goods has a new face: music promoter and agent John Giddings is the new brand ambassador. Giddings has been a key figure in the music industry since the punk revolution of the 1970’s and counts bands like The Rolling Stones and Pharrell to his friends. Inspired by his teenage experiences of the Isle of Wight Festival, he personally resurrected the event and has since restored it to its former glory as one of the most iconic live music events in the world. Sportswear International talked to him about his attitude towards fashion and his favorite styles. By Melanie Gropler

John, you are a well-known and famous music agent and promotor. What’s your relation to fashion? What does fashion mean to you personally?
It is important to look good, it gives you a sense of worth and shows that you care.

Where are the intersections between music and fashion?
Where do I start? Pop and Rock stars have created fashion from the year dot. David Bowie and Vivienne Westwood did it with the Pistols and Punk. Music creates fashion and vice versa. They are intrinsically entwined.

What do you like best about Flying Horse Indigo Goods?
The style, the quality and the company it keeps. I have met some great people.

What pieces in your wardrobe do you like best and why?
The denim jacket, the Jeans and the check Shirt.

If you could design anything, what would you release?
A cool leather jacket.