Italian fashion chain store OVS Group will be going public on the 2 March 2015.

The group's global offering comprises sales of a maximum of 101 million shares, out of whose 87 million were gained through a capital increase in July 2014, and 14 million shares are sold by Coin Group (100% owned by the group). The offer includes 10 million shares (about 10% of the total global offer) to be offered publicly and 91 million shares (about 90%) offered to institutional buyers.

The public offering started on Monday 16 February, when CEO Stefano Beraldo presented the IPO at Milan Stock Market Exchange, which will be taking place until 24 February 2015. The group’s estimated value is expected to range between €560 million and €756 million, according to the price per share, which is fixed between €4.0 to €5.4 per share.
From the operation the group expects to reach about € 530 million earnings. Thanks to the new capital entering the group, they aim at opening new direct stores, franchise stores and bettering their financial position.

OVS group closed its 2013 fiscal year in January 2014 registering €1.136 million sales and an EBITDA margin of €132 million. In October 2014 its EBIDTA was €102 million, +29.2% more when compared with the €79 million in October 2013 with earnings that grew from 9.7% to 11.6%.

The group, whose brand OVS represents 80% of its sales, is the first retailer in Italy with a 5.17% market quota - double if compared to Zara and three times more than H&M, along with 14.9% for kidswear. It mostly operates in Italy with the OVS and Upim stores with a total of 896 stores, of whose 641 are OVS ones, and 133 in foreign markets.