The Italian Fashion Chamber (Camera Della Moda Italiana) has organized the new Milano Moda Main Fall initiative, which will take place between January 10 and February 9. The event will involve the opening and selling seasons of Milan's fashion showrooms for the men, women and children’s fall/winter 2013/14 collections.

The new project aims to unify two existing commercial initiatives – Milano Moda Pre-collezioni and Milano Moda Showroom – into a single event in order to coordinate sales and strengthen the idea that visiting Milan and its showrooms is a key opportunity for international players and buyers. To support the event, the website will unveil a virtual version of Milano Moda Main through which every participating showroom will be able to present their collection trends through lookbooks and press releases.

President of the Italian Fashion Chamber Mario Boselli commented: “Milano Moda Main was born with the aim of meeting the requests of the market and its ever more demanding international insiders. The new project wants to strengthen Milan's image and role as fashion capital both on creativity and quality as well as in terms of business and sales." The show is set to be held twice a year with the fall edition taking place from January 10 to February 9, 2013 and the summer edition between June 13 and July 20, 2013.