Global denim manufacturer Isko has recently organized its Isko Innovation Seminar in Castelfranco Veneto, at their Creative Room Isko’s center of design and style research.

The event disclosed some of the latest technologies developed by Isko to numerous guests from Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Great Britain, and Korea. Participating brands included G-Star, Armani, Jeckerson, Diesel, Diesel Black Gold, Replay, Benetton, Urban Outfitters and Rifle.

For the occasion they launched their newest development - Isko Jool, a denim with antibacterial and anti-odor properties, and the added feature of keeping body temperature constant whether it’s warm or cold outside. This fabric also minimizes dampness thanks to wool fibers embedded in the fabric’s weave. They also presented Isko Blue Skin, the elasticized fabric with 360° stretch properties. It adapts itself to the wearer’s body like a second skin without compromising the typical authentic denim look of the fabric.

Iskoteca, Isko’s fabric treatment research division, also organized a demonstration of washing prototypes characterized by the newest denim trends. Guests also visited the industrial laundry Everest, where they observed the latest innovation in washing processes up close, all carried out according to eco-friendly processing techniques.

“The Innovation Seminar is an important occasion for sharing our vision and informing our clients and partners,” commented Marco Lucietti, Global Marketing Director of Sanko/Isko Division. “Innovation and respect for the environment have become fundamental conditions and our company cannot thrive without constant experimentation. We’re always one step ahead of the market trends that are shaping the future of fashion.”