On May 3 2016 in Stockholm, the Swedish Fashion Council and Isko gathered the Swedish denim industry and a slew of international denim experts to take part in “The Future of Denim”, an event highlighting the challenges and possibilities of making the denim-industry more sustainable. Keynote speakers included denim expert Adriano Goldschmied; Mike Schragger, founder of Sustainable Fashion Academy; Marco Lucietti, global marketing director, Sanko/Isko division; Kutay Saritosun and Ebru Ozkucuk Guler, Isko corporate social responsibility; and Anita Winsnes, managing director, Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

According to the Swedish Trade Federation, the Swedish jeans industry’s turnover is significant, higher than the country’s entire non-denim trouser industry. Hence, challenges in relation to consumerism and sustainability have to be addressed. “We cannot wait for evolution to happen,” commented Elin Frendberg, CEO Swedish Fashion Council. “We must take responsibility for innovation in the denim industry. The fact that we’ve gathered the denim industry to discuss the challenges we face together is a first and important step towards change. The next step is to educate consumers, making them recognize and appreciate the innovation achieved in this field.”

During the event, Isko presented the six pieces from its Isko Earth Fit collection that helped it to gain the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certificate. Significantly, Isko is the only denim mill worldwide to receive this honor. “Commitment to sustainability is in our DNA, and being awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certificate is proof that we’re moving in the right direction,” commented Lucietti. “We’re proud to take an active role in important events such as “The Future of Denim”, which allows us to discuss essential topics and share inspiration with the industry. We deliver on our promise to provide responsible innovation thanks to a combination of sustainable production and product evolution. And there is much more yet to come.”