Isko, specialist denim manufacturer, has just presented its pop-up exhibition “The Denim Sapiens – from rigid to future species”. The exhibition was built as a sort of historical discovery path in search of the “perfect" jeans, according to criteria of comfort, beauty and smartness.

The event was organized in collaboration with fibre manufacturer Lenzing and was hosted inside Milan's Biblioteca della Moda, an archive and library that specialises in old and new fashion books and magazines. It presented two main sections - one focused on historical jeans models and one on new styles made from some of the newest and most innovative Isko fabrics.

The first section of the exhibition presented garments from the Archivi di Ricerca Mazzini, among which were traditional rigid five-pockets from Uniform and Ball and select designer jeans from the 1980s including Armani Jeans for women, a closed style by Marithé and François Girbaud, and a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. The section also hosted some of the first stretch jeans by Katherine Hamnett and a pair of Moschino jeans with a unique bubble-gum like wrinkle effect on their surface.

The second section of the event showed a selection of denim items designed by Isko Creative Room, the company's own design think tank and laboratory of creativity based in Veneto region. "We have tried to develop what's next in denim," commented Massimo Munari, creative director, Creative Room. “We focused on three main concepts that will characterise the future evolution of denim: Isko PJ Soft, a soft-hand stretch denim that contains the Modal® fibre by Lenzing, which guarantees an impeccable look and maximum comfort 24 hours a day; Isko's XMen, an ultra-elastic technology which offers a masculine and authentic look with an open and clearly-defined diagonal cut, perfect for creating comfortable fits, as well as for women's items; and Isko Reform, a special stretch technology which enhances body shapes with supersoft and lightweight fabrics, which is perfect for both skinny trousers and tops."

Commenting of the event Marco Lucietti, marketing manager, Isko, added: "We created this event with the aim to show how jeans have changed over the years, always offering higher performance, comfort and beauty to their wearers. Moreover the evolution of jeans has always conveyed an optimistic message we want to continue carrying ahead."