In Milan, global denim manufacturer Isko and Archroma, international leader in color and specialty chemicals, have just presented their newest initiative – the book “Bluemasters, Innovation on Denim”, published by the Menabò Group.

The publication depicts a global vision of the denim market, presenting its major protagonists as well as an insight on all of the production steps - from cotton ball to the catwalk show - making this book a versatile and ever-blue must-have fashion item.

The book’s 200 large-format pages are divided into two parts: The first section presents 17 portraits of some of the major personalities who brought innovation to denim, be it in production, manufacture, creativity, retailing or communications. Featured portraits are: Maria Erixon Levin (Nudie Jeans), François Girbaud, Adriano Goldschmied, Yuji Honzawa (Dr Denim), Peter Kim and Ben Taverniti (Hudson Jeans), Fatih Konukoglu (Isko), Claudio Marcolli (Swarovski), Luigi Martelli, José Manuel Martinez Gutierrez (Esprit), Scott Morrison (3x1), Andrea Panconesi (LuisaViaRoma), Renzo Rosso (Diesel), Ermanno Scervino, David Trerotola (Invista), Vivienne Westwood and Thomas Winkler (Archroma).

The second, more technical part, traces the landmarks in the evolution of denim production, with a special focus on eco-friendly cotton growing and processes such as dyeing, washing and finishing, providing a wealth of useful information and insight into all the backstage work that goes into a pair of jeans.

The book is a love declaration to denim, or, better as denim and fashion guru Elio Fiorucci, author of the preface, wrote a “love that never fades”. In his preface he explains: “The more I work with jeans, and it’s been a good few years now, the more convinced I am that they possess magical powers. They are the only item of clothing that you can wear hiking in the mountains, on the beach and on an evening out and always feel at your ease. Jeans never disappoint you. Their fabric is a friend who never tells you off, who lets you express yourself freely, lets you be yourself. It is the only natural double-faced fabric, white and blue, the only one that lightens and brightens as it ages, without fading to a dingy shade like the others. It is the only one that goes with all the others, with any color. This is its strength, and it’s clear for all to see.”

While closing the book launch conference at the presence of Mario Boselli, president  Camera della Moda Italiana, Elio Fiorucci, Claudio Marcolli (Swarovski Professional Italy), Fabiana Giacomotti, journalist, lecturer at Università La Sapienza (Rome) and author of the book, Albert Llort (Archroma) and with attendance of a wide audience of VIPs, journalists, experts and insiders, Marco Lucietti, global Marketing Director Isko, commented: “As an ingredient brand in the international world of denim, we are happy to have made a contribution to developing the culture of this industry. It was not possible to bring together every Bluemaster in a single publication, but the interviews in this book are an excellent starting point for getting to know them better.”

Portrait of Adriano Goldschmied in the book
Portrait of Adriano Goldschmied in the book