Isko has recently organised a round table on the importance of Made in Italy. The event took place in Grottammare, in Central Italy, where many jeans entrepreneurs are based and also where Isko operates.

The event gathered together about 90 entrepreneurs and insiders, most of whom work as launders, garment makers, industrial machine manufacturers and accessory producers for the evening in asking questions, talking about their experience in relation to the current financial climate in Italy.

Italian journalist Gianluigi Paragone moderated the evening. Paragone always conducts his TV programs whilst wearing jeans: “Jeans are the only trousers I feel comfortable wearing. I wear them during my TV programs because my main objective is to be believed,” he explains.

“Isko is based in Turkey but its heart and mind are in Italy,” commented Marco Lucietti, Marketing Director Sanko/Isko division. “The Marche region and San Benedetto del Tronto area are important for our Made in Italy approach to this market,” added Isko Italia CEO Agostino Parati who also celebrated his 10th anniversary working for Isko, inside the event. “More specifically, this area is very important for us. In fact, we chose to place here our R&D centre Iskoteca in San Benedetto del Tronto, where we store over 25,000 fabric concepts that we have developed over the years,” added Parati. “Our aim for tonight was to organise and share ideas with you that are building made in Italy every day.”