After announcing its second edition of the Isko I-Skool project (read our previous coverage here), aimed at supporting young talents, Isko, specialized Turkish denim manufacturer, is carrying out two parallel contests: their Denim Marketing Award and Denim Design Award.

While the Denim Marketing Award started this month, for the Denim Design Award Isko and Creative Room, Isko’s style and research division in Italy, have selected 27 students and involved them in a Washing Seminar with the aim to teach them how to produce the creations that will participate in the contest.

The washing seminar was held on 5 and 6 March 2015 in Creative Room, in Castelfranco Veneto, in the pulsating district of the premium Italian jeans industry. The shortlisted students and their tutors involved in the Denim Design Award were chosen from seven schools (Istituto Marangoni, Polimoda, IUAV, UAL Chelsea, ESMOD Munich, University of Westminster and AP Artesis Pantijn Hogeschool of Antwerp) after Creative Room selected the 27 best ones from over 200 sketches received.

Isko and Creative Room are coordinating the operational part of the Isko I-Skool project, providing students with Isko fabrics and technologies, helping them to develop a total denim look with the support. Participants also came in contact with some key players of the industry, such as Wash Italia laundry and Tonello high-tech Italian company specialized in garment finishing technologies, as well as with some of Isko I-Skool’s partners (Swarovski, Stroili Oro, Cadica Group and Manifattura Italiana Cucirini).

On the first day, students could learn about the process and production from cotton fibers to garment, uncovering value chain secrets. They also visited Wash Italia laundry and Tonello, and were able to see advanced machinery for Laser and Ozone, 3D effects, washing, printing and scraping.

On the second day they discovered the world of accessories. Cadica Group guided them through the development of labels, seeing how they enhance garment identity. Manifattura Italiana Cucirini disclosed its knowledge about threads. Swarovski and Stroili Oro showcased new opportunities with their products.

While thanking all partners involved and especially Creative Room, Marco Lucietti commented: “Creative Room, their production and style know-how, together with Isko's most refined denim concepts, will allow young students to bring creativity to life, acquiring the know-how to become a protagonist of tomorrow’s fashion industry. I’d like to thank our partners and the schools for their contribution to this amazing and valuable experience.”