During the last edition of Kingpins Amsterdam, Invista unveiled a summary of the results from its Global Men’s Denim Study. The study covered consumer insights from over 3.000 male participants in Germany, Italy, India, China, the U.S. and Brazil.

Designed for a better understanding of men’s purchase preferences related to denim, the study covered topics such as key attributes men look for in jeans, how satisfied they are with current offerings, and where they get information about jeans. Top line results showed that ‘fit’ and ‘comfort’ were the two most important attributes that men were seeking, yet 30% of participants felt current jeans offerings did not fully meet their expectations.

In the area of thermal comfort, over 80% of participants said they would be interested in jeans that would help them stay cool and dry in the summer or warm and dry in the winter. Less than 35% of participants felt current consumer selections addressed these needs.  Out of a variety of commercial fabric brand names, the most preferred jeans concept for a summer was the Coolmax® brand, while the most preferred for the warm and dry concept was the Thermolite® brand.

According to Jean Hegedus, Invista’s Global Denim Segment Director, the results reflect the consumer’s desire for performance clothing. “Today’s time starved consumers want garments that can simplify their lives, allow them to look good and feel comfortable under different circumstances,” Hegedus said. “Offerings like Coolmax® and Thermolite® fabrics can help brands and retailers achieve this goal.”

Reflecting a consumer shift from traditional to social channels of commerce, the survey showed that across all countries the internet was the most preferred source for information about jeans, followed by ‘friends.’

Invista presented the results at a seminar on May 7th at the first ever Kingpins Show in Europe. “This is the 29th Kingpins show Invista has sponsored and once again it has been a great success,” commented Ebru Pirinccioglu, Invista Outerwear Marketing Segment Manager EMEA. “Since the Dutch own more jeans per capita than people in any other country, Amsterdam provided us with the perfect location to showcase our innovations in denim, from our Lycra® dualFX® technology for super-stretch garments that keep their shape, to thermal concepts such as our Coolmax® All Season and Thermolite® technologies, and durable options such as Tough Max™ Lycra® fabrics.”

To highlight the benefits of its denim offer, Invista commissioned a street dance team to perform in jeans, all made with the company’s innovations, during the Kingpins after-party. The show was enthusiastically received by the crowd and highlighted the freedom of movement and other functional advantages that Invista fibers can bring to denim.
Invista Party at Kingpins Amsterdam
Invista Party at Kingpins Amsterdam