Following G-Star’s collaboration to re-design and re-issue classic Prouvé furniture in 2011, together with Vitra and Catherine Prouvé, daughter of designer Jean, the brand recently launched a second limited edition series – the Prouvé Raw Office Edition, a special edition of 10 classic designs inspired by Prouvé’s office furniture and lighting, originally created for French industrial companies in the 1940s and 1950s. The new Prouvé Raw office edition will be showcased in selected G-Star flagship stores worldwide, as recently seen in G-Star’s Milan flagship store for the Milan Design Week in April 2015. Ray Shubhankar, global brand director, G-Star commented on their second collaboration in the design sector.

Why did you decide to create this second collaboration with the Prouvé family and Vitra?
We love classical modernist and industrial approaches with pure aesthetics and subtle design and Prouvé design objects and furniture well express our vision. This new selection of updated Prouvé pieces we have just re-issued includes metal desks like the Bureau Metallique desk from 1946 and the Fateuil Direction Pivotant chair from 1951. And this collection employs an industrial green, typical of factories during that time but looks fresh for office furniture today!

Prouvé Raw Office Edition
Prouvé Raw Office Edition
What elements tie these three companies?

At G-Star, we have long been inspired by Jean Prouvé’s modernistic and ecological approach to industrial design. We are long time fans (and collectors) of Prouvé’s furniture with its focus on logic, balance and pure raw materials. G-Star’s philosophy is “just the product” so the democratic purpose and usefulness of Prouvé’s designs match that of denim. Initially we approached Vitra to re-design and buy Prouvé’s Chaise Directeur chair in different colours for our offices and showrooms around the world and that conversation led to our collaboration with Vitra and Catherine Prouvé to re-issue a collection of Prouvé furniture re-tuned and styled for modern interiors of today. We have a strong affinity for Prouvé’s iconic designs and Vitra’s high quality production because we have shared values and a maniacal dedication to create products with high functional and aesthetic life expectancy.

What other collaborations can we expect from these three partners?
Our crossover collaborations like G-Star x Vitra x Prouvé allow us to play with design in terms of functionality, innovation, quality, craftsmanship and materials from the world of industrial design which is outside of fashion and denim. Some of these worlds like that of Prouvé is based on usefulness of an object and functionality so it has an inter-relationship with the world of denim. It has been a pleasure to work with both Vitra and Catherine Prouvé in a longer term collaboration and - who knows - in the future maybe we will re-issue Prouvé’s prefab one room house or some garden furniture!