Freja Beha Erichsen has entered new territory: the Danish model has collaborated with denim brand Mother for a capsule collection. The collection will be available from September at high end retailers in the US, Japan and UK. Ten percent of the retail sales of the collection will go to international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders - read the full article on Here, Erichsen explains what kind of washes, hardware, prints, and fits specifically reflect her style.

How does the capsule collection reflect your personal input and tastes?
I think the collection is very true to my style, that was one of the main ideas, seeing how I'm not a designer, my goal was to simply make things I wanted to wear. After finding fits and ideas for jeans, such as the more regular straight-legged jeans, but also the jeans with zips and pant-pockets, it became a process to get the blackest black for instance and experimenting with different types of dye in order to find one that lasts the best and remains the colour after several washes. I looked at several colour swaps in order to find the olive that was just right and the crude blue dye for the blue jeans and so on. The crystal pant was a bit of an experiment, but I like them and I think they're a fun addition to the little collection.

Why were you interested in partnering with Mother?
As I met when the founders of Mother, Tim and Lela, we immediately hit it off and agreed it would be interesting to do a project like this benefitting Doctors Without Borders. It seemed natural and organic partnership and has indeed been a lovely and fun process.

What is special on the collection?
I think the collection holds some must-have basics along with some items I've been wanting, though not able to find, such as the straight-leg olive jeans.

Ten percent of the retail sales will go to Doctors Without Borders. Why is this organization a cause that is near to your heart?
I much admire the hard work and dedication of all the doctors, nurses and volunteers that devote their time to help people in need world-wide. Médecins San Frontières (MSF) is often the first NGO to respond to crisis and in some cases the only NGO present in some of these conflicts.

I like the idea of contributing in this small way and hopefully create a bit of awareness along with some funds that will help enable the volunteers to do their life-saving work world wide.