He lovingly calls his label simply "Napa" – Andrea Cannelloni from Napapijri on...

...new store openings

We are on the right path. We have 140 stores all over Europe. In 2012 we opened 40 new stores and plan to open another 40 in 2013.


The collection's aesthetics are right. You can wear Napapijri the whole week through. Our look is good – more current and contemporary – and the logos are not too large. We have conducted a consumer survey confirming that the flag is still an important detail.

...retail productivity

We have improved retail productivity. The collection is not larger because of that, but we have separated it into three groups. It has a different structure, but the pricing is still the same. The menswear share continues to be strong –  the ratio is 70:30 – but womenswear is also growing gradually.

...strong markets

Our strongest market is Germany, followed by France and Italy. In Italy alone we grew by 6% in 2012. In an economically more difficult climate consumers become more selective; which means they buy less, but they still buy. And Napapijri is a desirable brand; we’re still in the mix. That is why we’re seeing positive development in difficult markets. That said, Asia is becoming increasingly important. The question always used to be: “Do you have a store in Paris?” But now it’s: “Are you in Asia?” Today a label is only really international when it is has operations in Asia too.