If you follow several fashion brands on Instagram, probably you’ve stumbled across products you liked while scrolling down through your feed. For some of them, many people take a screenshot and directly ask a sales assistant in the corresponding retailer.

The app has been aware of its potential for purchase decision-making for a while, but looking for the right way to seize it without screwing up the user experience. Starting next week, Instagram is going to test shoppable product tags with 20 US-based retail brands like Kate Spade, JackThreads, Warby Parker, Coach, and J.Crew, among others. The posts shared by these labels will have a new ‘tap to view products’ icon at the bottom left of a shared photo. Once tapped, a tag will appear on the individual products featured in the post –with a limit of maximum five products. If you select one of these tags, additional product information will be displayed without leaving Instagram. Eventually, the user could acquire the described item by tapping the ‘shop now’ link, which will automatically transfer to the ecommerce site of the product vendor.

During this test, the new features will be only available to a group of people on iOS devices (Apple’s mobile operating system used e.g. by iPhones) within the US. In the future, the app is set to explore product recommendations, ways products are showcased to shoppers, global expansion and the ability to save content so ‘Instagrammers’ can take an action later. 

Ryan McIntyre, chief marketing officer at JackThreads, said: “Our community uses Instagram as an aspirational discovery platform and they’re looking to us for inspiration. This test is going to change the scope of what we, as retailers, are capable of offering on mobile. Instead of having to transition over to the JackThreads app, our customers will be able to shop seamlessly from their social media feeds –allowing us to reach guys where they’re already hunting for what’s new.”

Check out the video below to view accurately how shopping via Instagram will work: