Following the financial backing of Los-Angeles-based private investment firm Breakwater, Australian-born Bleach Group is relaunching its surf and streetwear brand Insight – based in a new home. The Bleach Group (Insight, Ksubi) moved its global headquarters from home town Sydney (AUS) to Venice Beach, California, last year and built up an all-new team there.
Insight’s first LA designed collection for fall/winter ’15 is currently introduced at the US trade shows, including Agenda Las Vegas (February 16-18) and Axis NYC (Feb 22-24). We spoke to Alek Parker, former pro surfer, photographer and film producer, who has been hired as the company’s new marketing director, on Insight feeling more rooted in LA and opening a “rad creative space”.

Why did Insight move to LA, leaving a whole team and birth place behind?
The brand recently changed ownership.  We left while the brand was under capable hands in Australia — you’ll see our curated collection hit the market in spring ‘15. Relocating HQ to Venice, Los Angeles was strategic; the DNA of Insight’s foundation is similar to the neighborhood.  In some respects the roots run deeper here—we’re inspired by the punk rock / surf culture that came from Venice Beach. 

Insight fall/winter '15 (photo: Kenneth Copello)
Insight fall/winter '15 (photo: Kenneth Copello)
Is the brand following a different brand/design approach now?
Yes. We have new designers in place, Danica Elbertse for women’s, and industry veteran Rob Abeyta for men’s, who formerly designed with Stussy, Nike and Foursquare. The first collection you will see that has this new design approach will be for FW15. 

Do you have any retail expansion plans in the pipeline, too?
100%. Insight’s store conversion in Venice is going to be incredible. We’re opening a creative space just a couple blocks from our Insight store, like a rad version of the Google campus.  
We’re also in talks with France, Indonesia and Barcelona about the future of retail stores, you will see them start to pop-up in mid-2015. Biarritz, France, will be the first. We are launching a new website and web store in early March with a better focus on product related content. A strong digital marketing push for spring 2015 will align with the new web and the physical store remodels come early March as well.

Insight was founded as a surfboard company in Sydney, Australia in 1987 and today sells its street fashion in 40 countries around the globe. Next to the new LA global headquarters, the brand runs a European office in Biarritz, France.
Insight’s parent company Bleach Group had to place its brands Ksubi and Insight in the hands of receivers in December 2013. They were rescued by the financial backing of Breakwater Investment who want to relaunch both brands from Los Angeles.