In the ranking of the most important supplier countries for the German retail, Bangladesh ranked second place and therefore ousts Turkey from its traditional position. China stays in the position as most important import country for Germany by far. This came through at the presentation of the AVE- import statistics in Cologne.

“Bangladesh is on its best way to evolve into the most important textile location worldwide,” said Jan Eggert, chief-manager of the AVE (Foreign Trade Association of the German Retail Trade). In 2013 Germany imported almost only textiles from Bangladesh. This development reflects a long-ranging trend. While imports from Bangladesh tripled in the past ten years, imports from Turkey halved in the same time span.

Smaller import countries were able to register an increase, including Laos with +101.4% and Myanmar with +44.6%. “Although these countries aren’t playing a major role volume-wise, yet, the distinct growth shows that this can change when the political aperture lasts,” states Eggert. Overall, the import volume of the German retail slightly increased by 2.9%.

“The German retail achieves important impulses for the economic development in the supplier countries. Simultaneously, we will increasingly meet responsibilities and commit ourselves to further improve the working conditions”, said Jan Eggert.