Imperial, a leading Italian fast fashion company, has disclosed its annual report for 2013, registering sales over 154 million Euro (+ 30% compared with 2012) and a +18.5% EBITDA. In Italy, its sales reached 82.5 million Euro in 2013 (+25% compared with 2012), while it records 40.6 million Euro Europe wide (+69% compared with 2012) and 31.4 million Euro outside of Europe (+9% over 2012).

Further this success, Imperial has also become majority owner (60%) of two Italian fashion companies, both based in Signa, near Florence. D. Pure Srl is a women’s fashion manufacturer, specialized in the sportive fashion segment aimed at 15-30 year olds. Dixie Srl operates 14 stores in the retail sector, mostly based in the Tuscany and Lazio regions, in Central Italy.

Imperial’s investment in their new ownership (7.5 million Euro), will support the company’s growth, covering a wider market. Further, the brand will be able to offer purely Made-in-Italy products, which are coveted in foreign markets.

Adriano Aere, president of Imperial, commented: “The results we have achieved are truly incredible, given the present international economic situation. The acquisition of these two companies will support our company’s development, maintaining its leadership in Italy’s fast fashion market. It can also help us becoming a reference point on an international level.”

Imperial also acquired 1.000 square meters of retail space for the Dixie brand inside Bologna’s Centergross, which is located directly in front of Imperial’s offices.

Imperial Fashion was founded by Adriano Aere and Emilia Giberti, in 1976. The company produces over six million items annually in Europe, Asia and America. Fifty percent of its production is exported.