Imperial, Italian fast fashion company producing and distributing the Imperial and Please brands, is aiming to grow internationally by opening a new and more efficient French filial in Paris.

The Imperial France filial was opened in March 2012 and has now recently moved its French offices to Rue Etienne Marcel 52, in the heart of the French capital. The new base occupies 700sqm and hosts new offices and a large showroom. The Paris office has registered €3.5 million profit since opening and expects to close 2013 with €7 million profit. The company projects a profit of up to €15 million by end 2015.

The company already operates internationally through two more poles in Portugal and Canada. In Northern Europe they distribute to The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and in the former Soviet Union Republics, which account for 15% of the company's total turnover. Also important are the group's activities in China. The company has recently opened an Imperial shop in Changsha, China, within the Friendship Mall in Shenyang, as well as a showroom in Hong Kong.

Adriano Aere, president, Imperial comments: “At present 50% of our sales comes from export. We want to further increase this percentage in years to come."

Imperial Fashion was founded in 1976 by Adriano Aere and Emilia Giberti and is a leading fast fashion company in Italy. The company owns the two brands Imperial and Please (see our profile story published in issue 254) which are managed by two independent and distinct creative and distribution teams. In 2012 the company registered a €119 million turnover, registering a +15% compared with 2011. Imperial presently exports about 50% (2.5 million) products to Europe, Asia and America every year.