For a young and untested brand it’s lucky enough to eventually own its own retail space. It’s practically unheard of for an unproven brand to get space inside one of Tokyo’s premier shopping arenas rubbing shoulders with the likes of Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana and Anne Demeulemeester.

Iiser Loen is the hotly tipped menswear label which is making significant waves in the Japanese fashion industry. With some serious financial backing and a made-in-Japan ethos, the brand, designed by Koji Tezuka, recently opened its flagship store in the luxurious Omotesando Hills complex in the Shibuya district of the Japanese capital.

Tezuka, however, is no young upstart. He has a wealth of experience designing for various womenswear brands such as Galance and iliann loeb over the years. Iiser Loen marks a slight aesthetic departure for him with the brand advocating “neo-dandyism for a gentleman’s wardrobe.”
The simple yet stylish store has an open closet theme with a bar-lounge at the rear. In some ways Iiser Loen represents the quintessential Tokyo brand with a simple and chic silhouette and sharp tailoring. Slightly reminiscent, in some pieces, of other Japanese label Mastermind Iiser Loen has taken the basic elements of Japanese dandy style and evolved it into a fresh and dynamic statement for the modern Japanese gent.