Italservices, owner of the brands Met, Cycle, Heavy Project, It's and Fake London, has acquired Italian jeans brands JFour and Tramarossa.

JFour is recognised for offering clean jeans characterised by great attention to fabrics and washes. Tramarossa is focused on tailor-made inspired jeans, often applying selvedged fabrics and careful detailing. Both brands will be managed by JT Industries, the Veneto-based company 100% controlled by Italservices Spa and will be distributed under the new parent company starting s/s 2011.

"We decided to buy these brands because they are produced according to the same productive strategies as ours, that is according to high-quality standards in terms of fabrics and manufacturing techniques," commented Moreno Giuriato, president Italservices. “In addition, they perfectly fit our brand portfolio and permit us to offer our highly demanding clientele a wider selection of products. Thanks to our experience and industrial organization, we can develop the international potential of these two brands to their best."

Italservices expects to end the year of 2010 with a turnover of about €80 million, 14% more than in 2009.