From July 8 to 10, the Messe München GmbH launched the new version of its ispo summer fair – now called Ispo Sport & Style – in Munich. It drew 17,500 visitors (compared to 19,000 last summer) who came to check out the new concept.

Instead of showing sport and hardware, the new fair focused on lifestyle and fashion with sports heritage. A total of 821 exhibitors (compared to 915 last summer) from 35 countries took part. Top names included Hummel, Murphy & Nye, O’Neill, Asics and Canterbury of New Zealand.

With the focus on the sports fashion market, Messe München GmbH intended to open the fair to new brands and new retailers. "The sports market has been changing a lot within the last years. Sports retailers are earning most of their money with textiles and fashion, not with hardware anymore," says Tobias Gröber, the head of ispo Group. "On the other side, sports brands are selling their products more and more in fashion stores." The new concept was also an effort to strengthen the summer show, which showed decreasing figures the last years — in contrast to the winter edition, which has grown continuously and which drew 64,000 visitors and 1,940 exhibitors last February.

The new sport & style concept led to a lot of discussions about the future of the summer show. Exhibitors and visitors liked the new concept in general, but demanded improvements concerning structuring. The disappearance of the performance brands and the deficit of fashion brands was criticized, too. Speaking about improving that situation, Manfred Wutzlhofer, chairman of Messe München GmbH, said: "That's our goal for the next year's [edition]."

— Regina Henkel