10 years old and power for ten more. For Bright this summer’s show running July, 8-10, 2015 at its new location Arena in Berlin is something very special as the tradeshow celebrates its 10th birthday.

Their story started back in 2005, when organizers Marco Aslim and Thomas Martini decided to give birth to a new event dedicated to the streetwear market and the skateboarding scene that didn’t have a platform at this time. “We started with a very heterogenic concept focusing on streetwear, sneakers and hardware as well, as we wanted to give the formerly very weak segment a platform for exchange and business”, explains Marco Aslim.

Under the slogan ‘The future is bright’ the first show debuted July, 29-31, at the former police department in Frankfurt am Main. Around 74 brands among them Hessenmob, Fenchurch, Vision, Globe, Adidas, Nike SB, Vans, Split, Record, and WESC took part at the first show that was really successful in the end. It attracted lots of retailers from the skateboarding and streetwear segment and offers a great atmosphere with its former offices, interrogation rooms, small cells and its spacious inner courtyard that houses skateboard contests around the clock. And last but not least it was a great party that was celebrating the core business. With lots of time for chatting and drinking beer.

Did Aslim and Martini have imagined 10 years ago to be at this point now?“After 3-4 events we saw great potential for our show as we were constantly growing,” Aslim stated. “But we never expected to be in Berlin once.” They moved to the German capital back in 2010 when the former location got too small. With this step the Bright show that once had started as core fair with high fun factor in Frankfurt has casted it feathers to a real professional and important platform for streetwear, boardsports, sneakers and accessories based in Berlin.

“With this summer edition we will show again a more heterogenic assortment like we did when we started in Frankfurt”, explains Aslim. “The bust of Bread & Butter also plays into our hands. We are happy to welcome brands such as Levi’s, Doc Martins or Champion as new exhibitors. But we also issued some denials as we don’t want to dilute the concept.”

Aslim and Martini both constantly work on the concept of the fair. Their aim: to grow physically and slowly. This includes also decision for several locations they had already played on with their show in the past ten year as well as correction for its orientation. In the last years the content of the fair has also changed: less core skateboarding brands and more apparel. Today business stands in the center for everybody and party and skateboarding events take place in the evenings.

But for sure the party site won’t be missing this summer. To celebrate its birthday, Bright presents 3 events: July, 8 together with DC at Else and Wilde Renate, July, 9 in cooperation with Seek at the House boat Hoppetosse near to the fair and the closing party July, 10 at Alte Villa. Let's get the party started!