In Berlin, during the July 2013 edition of Premium, Italian jeans brand Haikure and specialist Turkish denim manufacturer Isko presented their Once Upon a Future project, a partnership that aims to promote a sustainable approach within the denim supply chain as explained by Federico Corneli, owner and founder of Haikure, and owner of the Italian specialist jeans manufacturing company CS, and Marco Lucietti, marketing manager, Isko.

Corneli explained: "I founded this brand three years ago with the aim to be faithful to three main ideas; exclusivity, transparency and sustainability. Exclusivity in the sense that I wanted to offer high-quality Made in Italy jeans. Transparency because, thanks to a special QR code printed on the inner label of the jean, every pair of trousers can be tracked throughout its entire production process up to its delivery phase. This way you can justify to your client why these jeans - all Made in Italy - cost between €140 and €170 at retail, and sustainability because we employ organic cotton and follow eco-friendly productive standards. We are an innovative brand, as can be seen in our Once Upon a Future partnership with Isko. We offer modern, forward-thinking products that have been created within the jeanswear tradition, furthermore we have developed with Isko a special stretch denim fabric that also carries a selvedge." Together, they also developed a capsule collection which uses Isko Recall Fabrics. These denims are high stretch fabrics with very high recovery properties and are made with organic cotton.

Haikure Jeans are sold in approximately 250 stores, most of which are in Italy. The company is now focused on increasing the distribution of the brand in countries such as Germany, Austria, UK and Spain.