During prestigious Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Southern France (April 29-May 2), for the first time fabric show Première Vision sponsored one of the two prizes attributed in the fashion competition of the event. From among ten finalists, Céline Méteil was selected and won the Première Vision prize for her collection 'Plié-Backstage' of airy and structured origami dresses made from jaconas. The jury, presided over by Raf Simons, was convinced of her highly architectural clothing that entertained a dialogue with the body, building on layers of transparency and lace and shaped in subtle balance with fluid knits.

32-year-old Méteil, won a prize money of €10,000 and is invited to present her work during Première Vision Preview New York, running July 13-14, 2011. The following step takes place in Paris, where a special area will be dedicated to Céline Méteil at Première Vision (Sep. 20-22, 2011). She will be presenting her designs in the framework of Première Vision Pluriel, which is held twice a year and attracts over 55,000 industry professionals from some 100 countries.

The Première Vision Prize goes beyond the awarding of the prize money and focuses on supporting young design talents and to build long-term relationships. Well ahead of the prize itself, Première Vision accorded a special welcome to the ten finalists at the February 2011 show. Thus, these young talents were able to forge direct contacts with exhibiting weavers, as well as other professionals. Each of the ten finalists can also exhibit one of his or her designs at Première Vision Preview New York in July.

The winning collection was produced with the support of Sophie Hallette, Marioboselli Yarns & Jersey and TESJ, all Première Vision exhibitors, and Close to Clothes, a ModAmont exhibitor.