HSL Hic Sunt Leones (hicsuntleones.com), Italian street-minded brand of backpacks, bags and accessories, has just opened its first Flagship Store in Milan city centre, in Corso Europa 12.

The brand is named with the same Latin expression for "Lions are here", used by ancient Romans on old maps of Africa to indicate the border beyond which no one should go.

The Italian brand is inspired by the idea of urban dangerous trips and adventures and was founded by creative entrepreneur Matteo Bacchini about 15 years ago. HSL now sell especially through some selected stores in Northern Italy and Switzerland. HSL have recently started participating in international shows such as Bread&Butter and Premiere Class, and now want to expand in upcoming international markets.

HSL Hic Sunt Leones is also sold on-line through its own website www.hicsuntleones.com, which includes an e-commerce section.

The wide selection of HSL bags now also include Sun Power, a series of products which carry photovoltaic panels that can be used for charging batteries of cell phones, tablets, iPods and computers while carrying them.