The atmosphere at CPD was subdued, but in the circus tent of Reevolution everybody was in high spirits. More than 60 designer brands, hip newcomers, streetwear and fashion labels showed off their new fashion ideas under the big top. No one seemed to be bothered by the sweltering heat. On the contrary. Fashion people came from near and far to see off-beat brands like Luis Trenker, Ralf Gladen, Go by Toni Gard, Checkers and Komodo - many of them showing their collections exclusively in Dusseldorf. Alexandra Hacke of Punch says: "It is a truly great show: small, easy to grasp and without competitive wrangling." No doubt, the Reevolution being small and special has gained more fans this season. Another big attraction was the show of Berlin designer Betty Bund. She showed her creations at the big Reevolutions Show with Electric boogie dancers. After a hard days work everybody got into a summer party mood in the relax-area, playing Beach Soccer and Beach Volleyball, enjoying cool drinks and Asian food.
The CPD was less encouraging. 55.000 visitors (5000 less than the previous year) came to the international fashion show to Dusseldorf, but no one seemed to be really enthusiastic. Nor were the 1900 exhibitors (100 less than in February 2003). Criticised above all was the Sport Fashion segment in hall 17 with brands like Bogner Fire & Ice and Chiemsee. They would have preferred a more sports related surrounding. Escada Sport had cancelled last minute. Sportswear labels like 4You, Camel or Globetrotter were not the ideal neighbors in their eyes. Also in hall 16 some exhibitors complained that suitable brands and big names were missing. Günter Sommer of H.I.S.: "We would have hoped for a more jeans related surrounding." They were content with the number of clients visiting them, he stated, "but that alone is not an indicator for a successful show."