After a ten-year absence, streetwear brand Homeboy Loud Couture is back to the market under the helm of founder Jürgen Wolf. 25 years ago, then 27-year-old Wolf founded Homeboy as a brand targeting skaters and young, active people, aiming to create apparel that he himself wanted to wear. Known for its baggy pants and big size shirts, the label quickly gained a large following and expanded through a variety of sales points.

The new collection can be ordered and delivered starting now and consists of seven pared down sweatshirts with clean, sharp styling and a focus on tighter fits with details like small logos and vintage elements. Additionally, the label will offer a spring/summer 2013 collection of 21 items including sweatshirts, t-shirts, cargo pants, trousers and shorts. The fall/winter 2013 collection will also include jackets.

Retail prices for sweatshirts range from 59-79 and t-shirts cost around 25. Sindelfingen-based Boards & Kleid is responsible for distribution within Germany.