Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand Scotch & Soda has come up with a casual menswear collection. This collection is to satisfy the need that keeps all men together: a comfortable homewear collection that is affordable but still has a luxury touch. The collection, called 'Home Alone', provides an admirable assortment of the finest laze products. It balances basics in a soft-tone color palette, combined with classic coloring of homewear like grey-melange, sand and white tones. Fabrics are typical sweats and knits.

The purpose is clear: the collection lets men look cool in heavy jersey slubby tees, American naval style joggers and hooded zip-up track sweaters. Women who like the boyfriend look can wear granddaddy shirts, worn-out sweaters and jock shorts. Combined with denim jackets and sneakers, the collection can also be stylishly worn outside when grabbing some groceries or going to the gym.

Since 1985, Scotch & Soda has expanded operations extensively while maintaining their very own way of doing business. Creativity and individuality are the keys to this success. Scotch & Soda has developed into a well-respected brand with over 6,000 shops in a high-end distribution network in 31 countries worldwide.