Amongst this year’s ‘Top 100 Best Global Brands 2011’, released in the annual report of branding consultancy Interbrand, are also various fashion, sports and designer brands. These include Louis Vuitton (18.), H&M (21.), Nike (25.), eBay (36.), Gucci (39.), Zara (44.), Adidas (60.), Hermès (66.), Gap (84.), Armani (93.) and Burberry (95.). Interbrand produces its ‘Best Global Brands’ report based on a unique methodology analyzing three key aspects that contribute to the brand’s value: the financial performance of the branded products or services, the role of the brand in the purchase decision process, and the strength of the brand to continue to secure earnings for a company.

According to Interbrand, this year’s Top 100 Best Global Brands have demonstrated that, despite an erratic economic landscape, they are constantly flexing, evolving and innovating – all in an effort to meet the needs of today’s consumer. “By refining digital strategies and strengthening social networks, today’s most valuable brands are creating more relevant customer engagements,” commented Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s Global CEO. “These brands have seized opportunities to host richer, more tailored experiences, which, in turn, help drive longer-term loyalty and value among consumers and partners alike.”

Interbrand was founded in 1974 and has nearly 40 offices in 25 countries. The company is widely recognized for its Best Global Brands report and is alos known for having created a broader platform for the discussion on brands in the website