Tommy Hilfiger and 20th-century photographer Sam Haskins have launched their first joint book publishing project entitled “Fashion Etcetera by Sam Haskins: Tommy Hilfiger Special Edition.” The project was announced at the opening of a six-week exhibition at Milk Gallery, showcasing over 100 of Haskins’ original prints on Sept. 19; the exhibit runs through Oct. 26.

Guests included Tommy Hilfiger, Dee Hilfiger, Ally Hilfiger, Ludwig Haskins, Oren Haskins, Zoe Kravitz, Rebecca Minkoff, Jeffrey Costello & Robert Tagliapietra, Pippa Cohen, Christopher Makos, Andres Serrano, Sante D’Orazio, Lady Lilliana Cavendish, Christina Kruse, Jamie Burke, Julia Stegner and Nicky Hilton.

The hardcover is Haskins’ seventh title and is a retrospective of his work through five decades of creative photography, with 291 re-mastered black and white and color photographs from the early Sixties onwards. The photos are all double-page spreads, juxtaposing images from different decades and themes from a perspective of defining and celebrating style.

Also premiering at the exhibit was the Sam Haskins for Tommy Hilfiger capsule collection, consisting of a T-shirt, tote and scarf featuring the "Gill and Curl" image from Haskins' book Five Girls. Prints, both editions of the book, as well as posters will be available for sale at Milk Gallery for the duration of the exhibition.

Fashion Etcetera: Standard Edition is available at Milk Gallery for $67.50.

—Regina Henkel