Henri Lloyd's Consort Jacket, a bestseller in 1980s Europe, is back for fall/winter 2012/13 thanks to a new re-edition designed by long-time designer Olmes Carretti.

A fresh take on color, highlighted tech details and a higher resistance to the elements are key for this newly revamped jacket, which was presented during the January 2012 edition of Pitti Uomo. Carretti, product expert and creative mind behind bestselling brands like Best Company and Spitfire, designed the original Consort Jacket in 1984 as an urban version of the historic sailing jacket worn in 1965 by Francis Chichester, a sailing athlete who broke the Guinness record for sailing around the world on his own.

"The Henri Lloyd Consort jacket was born to be a true 'consort.' It is the sole and true companion of sailing athletes of the past," commented Carretti. The brand's founders, Britain's Angus Lloyd and Poland's Henri Strzelecky, started their company with the aim of offering protective apparel and later employed Carretti to design the urban version of the high-function sailing jacket they had invented. "That model was a huge success," Carretti recalled. “I remember they sold 30,000 items per season. I collaborated with them for five years and the total results were pretty good."

Henri Lloyd's Consort Jacket
Henri Lloyd's Consort Jacket

Tomasoni Topsail, the Italian company that manages the Henri Lloyd brand for Italy and Spain, has now decided to once more involve Carretti in hopes of reaching similar success. The designer explained, "I totally redesigned the jacket in terms of fit, construction and slits for letting body dampness out. Together with technical fabric manufacturer Maiocchi we designed a completely new functional nylon fiber, weave and fabric. I then added waterproof zippers by Riri and completed the garment with new hi-tech thermo-sealed sewings. The image of the Consort Jacket has maintained the same British attitude of the original garment and the urban-meets-sailing spirit, but its comfort and technical details have been increased."

The re-edition is offered in 16 color variants, four of which are exactly the same as the iconic originals—yellow, white, red and blue. The inner lining, originally made in opposing colors, will now be offered in higher contrasts. For spring/summer 2013 a newer evolution still will be shown at Pitti Uomo; next June Carretti will add more color options while presenting a totally new garment, completing the collection.