On October 25 Esprit’s Chairman, Heinz Krogner, entered the most exclusive circle of international retailers. Krogner got accepted by the World Retail Hall of Fame for his actions and dedication to retail, amongst four others, who as well entered the Hall for influencing the industry, revolutionizing and inspiring it.

“I am very pleased to receive this important and prestigious honor and to be named amongst others whom I admire very much,” Heinz Krogner said.

The World Retail Hall of Fame was founded four years ago, honoring 100 retail legends spanning many decades. From then on, the World Retail Congress each year nominates the most remarkable heads of the industry for their contribution to the businesses they have been connected with and to the wider retail industry. Members of the World Retail Hall of fame include, amongst others, Mickey Drexler, President & CEO of J.Crew; Ingvar Kamprad, Founder & Chairman of IKEA; and Arcadia owner, Sir Phillip Green.