Emerisque Brands and SKNL North America completed their acquisition of Hartmarx from bankruptcy under the newly formed Hartmarx Operating Company LLC, the new owners confirmed today.

"We are delighted to have completed this acquisition. This is an important step forward towards our ambition of being "clothiers to the world," said Chairman of SKNL and the new Hartmarx, Nitin Kasliwal.

"We thank our customers, partners and employees for supporting Hartmarx throughout the long and complicated transaction period and want to let them know we are committed to being a strong partner, dedicating the resources and expertise necessary to honor Hartmarx's heritage and realize its potential," said Ajay Khaitan, founder of Emerisque and Vice Chairman and CEO of the new Hartmarx. "Although we still face hard work and difficult decisions in the months ahead, we believe that the best days for the company are ahead."

Former Hartmarx Chairman and CEO Homi Patel retired from the company on Jul. 31. Another three executives also left the organization that filed for bankruptcy earlier in January.