M+F Girbaud is facing a difficult moment. According to press and industry sources, Cravatakiller, the company belonging to the Paris-based designer couple, has filed for the French equivalent of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Moreover, the Italian company GIR+A&F, which holds the brand's production and distribution license, will be liquidated.

GIR+A&F was founded in 2007 near Rimini, at San Giovanni in Marignano. 60% is owned by Olivier Bachellerie, president of Marithé+François Girbaud and Marithé's son, and the remaining 40% by Simone Badioli, son of designer Alberta Ferretti. Since being put in liquidation, the Rimini-based company's 150 employees are currently awaiting possible redundancy payment until January 2013.

According to industry sources, the Girbauds might have signed a production agreement with Fabrics & Fibers International (fibresnfabrics.com), a giant Bangalore-based, Indian producer of jeans, apparel and leather goods that also serves as the main producer for G-Star's garments and owner of Freesoul and the Tintoria Astico laundry (based in Fara Vicentino, in Veneto region). It has been said that Anupam Kothari, owner of Fabrics & Fibers International, has also shown interest in acquiring the M+F Girbaud brand.