Outdoor brand Haglöfs has appointed Nicolas Warchalowski as new CEO, effective since Jan. 1, 2011. Warchalowski previously held the position as Marketing and Sales Director at Haglöfs since 2009 and has a vast experience in international sales and global brand building as he formerly was CEO for the Red Bull Carpe Diem division North America and held as well management positions within Procter & Gamble. His predecessor as CEO, Mats Hedblom, transferred into a new position as Corporate Advisor within the Haglöfs Group.

“Under the management of Mats Hedblom, Haglöfs has developed from a small outdoor company into the dominant player in the Nordics and one of the leading outdoor brands in Europe. Haglöfs has for several years been working on a long-term plan to boost the organization in a global brand positioning perspective. Together with Asics we have now set new long-term goals and developed our strategies with the overall target to develop Haglöfs into one of the leading outdoor brands in the world. This is also a good time to hand over the leadership. Nicolas is with his prior experience and performance, personality and time with Haglöfs in our mind the one to lead the Haglöfs organization into the future," says Haglöfs’ Chairman of the Board, Lars Göthlin.

"During the 1990s Haglöfs established the brand in The Nordics, during the 2000s in Europe. We are now starting on a third journey to develop Haglöfs into a true global outdoor brand. Our strong offer in combination with Haglöfs' leading European position and the fact that we now have greater possibilities as part of the Asics family is a good platform to become one of the leading outdoor brands in the world," Nicolas Warchalowski concludes.

Haglöfs, founded in 1914, is one of Europe’s leading outdoor brands. With its corporate headquarters in Avesta, Sweden, Haglöfs is present in 19 markets in Europe and Asia. Haglöfs is owned by Japanese sporting goods company Asics since August of 2010.