German denim brand H.I.S. is relaunching in the new year. Following Hamburg-based Otto Group’s purchase of the brand from VF Germany, based in Dreieich, last year, it was not decided whether H.I.S. would continue as a classical wholesale brand. H.I.S. GmbH’s Wolfgang Sahm now says that the brand should be positioned as a women’s brand focusing on perfect fits and targeting women through the age of 25, and that the brand should also be primarily distributed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. H.I.S.’s distribution strategy should be finalized by the end of 2008, while orders could start as of January 2009. H.I.S. will present four collections a year with about 10 deliveries and prices ranging from €49-89. Several promotions and events have been planned to bolster sales. H.I.S. can be seen at JAM Cologne running Jan. 30 through Feb. 1.