Jeanswear label H.I.S have in boxer Wladimir Klitschko a new testimonial. Klitschko will also be involved in development of the next men’s and women’s jeans-collection. "I love jeans", says Klitschko. "If I'm not in the ring, I'm very often wearing jeans. The design and the shaped fit of H.I.S is great." The cooperation is planned for five years. Jan Erik van Dijk, CEO at House of Brands, umbrella brand of H.I.S: "As a very straight, driven and successful appealing figure, Wladimir is on the one hand representing the principles and values of H.I.S. and on the other hand, with his interest in fashion, design and quality, he will be taking a big part on the development of the collection." On Saturday, 5th of May, the boxer will present himself as brand ambassador for H.I.S for the first time in public.