H.I.S has developed a new jeans fit guide to assist retail partners. Available in English or German, the fit guide is a collection presentation tool and also important in assisting order placement by retailers with its clearly structure presentation of H.I.S denim jeans. The fit guide concept also serves as training material for sales staff at POS in order to further enhance customer service.

The focus of the H.I.S product range of collections for men and women is ‘perfect fit’ jeans. H.I.S offers four different shapes for women (skinny, slim, straight and bootcut) and three different waist heights (high , low, middle). For men, H.I.S offers three shapes (slim, straight and loose) in three fits (modern, regular, loose).

The H.I.S brand originated in New York in 1923. When starting up the company, founder Henry I. Siegel used his initials for the brand name. His son and successor Jesse Siegel presented a denim fit concept for the first time in the US for women’s jeans in 1975. The claim was “Chic by H.I.S.”

The jeans fit guide is available here.