On 25 September, 2014, H.I.S launched its new shop-in-shop concept, which offers a valuable product presentation and also an adequate communication space to the retail.

H.I.S provides trading partners with different service packages starting with a sales space from 2.5 sqm up to 15 sqm. These packages include furnishing, tables and platforms, as well as lamps, pictures and books, all in a New York style, going back to the roots of the brand. H.I.S also gives trading partners the chance to get additional services, such as an analysis of local conditions, planning of the sales space and the electronic concept.

With this shop-in-shop concept H.I.S continues to focus on the national and international expansion of the brand and on strengthening their lead product, which are the pants.

"Our goal is to use the HIS shop-in-shop system to increase the visibility of the brand in the stores considerably, to increase the brand awareness among the customers and thus to optimize the performance of the brand," explains Thomas Vogel, division manager brand of H.I.S.

“We want to provide our trading partners with a platform for their brand (…), where professional sales conversations with the end-consumer take place,” says Vogel.

H.I.S Textil GmbH belongs to House of Brands GmbH, a company solely owned by the Otto Group, with its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. The company’s distribution right now concentrates on the markets of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Russia and the Ukraine are further target markets, whose development is imminent in the course of an expansion within Europe.