Next summer, American singer Gwen Stefani is going to launch a bag- and shoes collection together with the fashion- and styling online service JustFab. “Gx by Gwen Stefani” features products decorated with fishnet- and laces details, plus color accents in black, white, red and cobalt blue. Highlights of the line are silver high-heels, extra high wedge heel sandals and oversized bags. Following Gwen Stefani’s weakness for Japan, the collection items have Asiatic names such as Mayuka, Hoshi or Izumi.

Gerrit Müller, general manager of JustFab in Europe, regarding the launch: “Gwen Stefani is not only a great artist but also an incredibly talented designer. Her style is a big source of inspiration for many of our clients and we are convinced that the collection will be positively marketed.”

Gx by Gwen Stefani will be available at JustFab as of July 11, 2014. The retail prices for the bags and shoes range from 49,95€ to 89,95€.