Gutteridge, casual chic brand of the Italian apparel specialist Capri Group, has just opened its first flagship boutique and second monobrand store in central Milan in Via Dante 10. The new boutique measures over 400 sq. meters and brings to mind a comfortable and welcoming parlour room.

The company are, through this opening and the recent opening of its store in the nearby Galleria Pattari, aiming to reinforce the brands presence in the city.

Capri Group is a specialist apparel manufacturer that owns the younger-minded brands Alcott and Alcott Los Angeles, modern menswear brand Gutteridge and college and sportswear brand Gutteridge Sport. It has already opened 180 stores worldwide with a combined total surface of 35,000 sq. meters of selling space. By mid June it will open a new store in Georgia, Tblisi, and by the end of 2013 the group aims to reach a total of 210 stores. The company employs 700 people, works with nine markets and registered a €120 million turnover in 2012, 30% more than in 2011.