It’s the latest chapter of the trademark war between Guess and Gucci. On 30 January, the Court of Paris rejected every claim asserted by Gucci, finding no trademark infringement, no counterfeiting, and no unfair competition, leaving Guess the victor of this law suit.

The legal war was started in 2009, when Gucci accused Guess of selling items with an imitation of the Gucci trademarks. Gucci alleged that Guess had tried to “Gucci-fy” their own product line by using an altered version of the Gucci “G”-print. Since then Gucci has filed case after case against Guess across the globe, losing every single one of them.

The Court of Paris now denied Gucci’s request for €55 million in damages and instead ordered Gucci to pay Guess €30.000. Gucci, from now on, also cannot claim exclusive use of the trademarks any longer, since the Court invalidated three of Gucci’s “G” community and international trademarks.

Guess co-founder and CEO Paul Marciano said: “I continue to believe strongly that all these legal battles are a complete waste of time and this energy and money should be focused on business. Obviously, FH Pinault doesn’t see it that way.”