The Guess Foundation was founded in 1994 in Los Angeles with the mission of fostering social, health and educational opportunities that give people everywhere a chance to live their best lives.

The foundation has been able to support a wide range of causes whose messages promote social change and enhance the well-being and development of people everywhere. To this end, in 2014 alone, Guess Foundation has donated over USD 800,000 to several important philanthropic initiatives like Peace Over Violence for Denim Day, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, St. John's Health Center and the World Heart Federation.

Starting with Italy, the Guess Foundation will arrive in Europe in 2015 with its first project planned to ensure strong visibility in support of women victims of violence. The program will launch with the organization of “Denim Day” in summer 2015, a day to focus on the promotion of a positive and widespread message of support.

The Denim Day movement was born in 1998 in the US in response to a shocking judgment by the Italian Court, which overturned a rape case against a forty-five year old man because the eighteen year old female victim was wearing tight jeans which, according to the Court, could not have been taken off without her consent. Wearing tight blue jeans was the way American women protested against the verdict and since then Denim Day has become a national campaign in the US to promote the prevention of rape and sexual violence crimes.

"The mission of the Guess Foundation is helping to raise awareness towards this social plague, unfortunately still widely extensive,” commented Paul Marciano, president of the foundation, CEO and creative director, Guess. “We feel a strong duty to increase the media attention on this issue in Italy. In recent years, the commitment to this has grown; however, the statistics indicate that there is still much to do and to say."