Internet giant Google has published its first fashion trends report for spring 2015, analyzing users’ search data in order to find the most relevant fashion topics in the US market.

Being divided in three different parts, the first one categorizes trends into six different types of clusters based on user search behavior patterns: sustained growth, seasonal growth, rising stars, sustained decline, seasonal decline and falling stars. Worth mentioning is the decline of vintage clothing and normcore fashion as sought-after topics, together with the seasonal setback of skinny jeans.

Immediately after that, Google explores three up and coming trends for spring 2015 in the second section. These are the most relevant items according to the web search engine:

Tulle skirts
Searches grew by 34% from January 2014 to January 2015. Even though it was very restricted to the West Coast at the beginning, it’s now spread throughout the country. Raising interest in various colors, black and white are the most popular ones.

Jogger pants
Google has been observing top searches for jogger pants for men, women, boys and girls. Surprisingly, the most-searched style was the emoji jogger pants.

Midi skirts
In spite of a lower search volume compared to the two previous pieces, there has been a nine-fold increase in searches for this garment over the past three years. With searches accompanied mostly by words like “outfit” or phrases as “how to wear”, the web search engine sustains that users are turning to the platform for advice and inspiration on styling a midi skirt as part of their daily outfit.

The last part of the report comprehends specific category item analysis. For instance, taking a look at the search behavior for denim, Google concludes that the most rising trends are boyfriend jeans, denim dress, ripped jeans and biker jeans, amongst others.

In order to create this report, Google has pulled six billion enquiries related to the apparel category and observed their monthly volume from January 2012 to February 2015. The tech-company aims to deliver a useful tool to fashion insiders like designers or marketers for planning purposes and therefore boost its business opportunities in this field.