Benetton Group SpA’s shareholders meeting has approved the 2013 balance sheet and named its new board of directors.

The new board is made up of Alessandro Benetton, Christian Benetton, Franca Bertagnin Benetton, Sabrina Benetton, Gianni Mion, Marco Airoldi, Tommaso Barracco, Fabio Buttignon, Alfredo Malguzzi, Francesco Panfilo and Sandro Saccardi.

Alessandro Benetton will no longer be president of the group. His position will be occupied by Gianni Mion, who was named president without executive powers. Biagio Chiarolanza, previous CEO of the group, will be substituted by Marco Airoldi (also see our previous news coverage here), who is the new CEO and general manager.

The new board of directors will support the company in its reorganization phase, approved in November 2013, and from January 2015 will concentrate on Benetton Group’s core business activities (brands, product, wholesale and retail sale activities and marketing).