It’s been a decade of growth for the Agenda trade show. The little skate and surf show that started off, ten years ago, to much skepticism, has grown up big and strong, joining forces with Reed Exhibitions, one of the world’s leading trade show organizers. The 33 brands at the first Agenda show has sprouted to more 550 brands with four shows yearly in Long Beach and New York and, for the first time this August, Las Vegas.

The ever broadening Agenda range now encompasses action sports, streetwear, lifestyle and sneaker culture with the show’s own, inimitable atmosphere. What was, until now, typically a male-centered show, Agenda will change it up with the proud launch of Agenda WMNS at the next Long Beach edition (July 25-26). This new Agenda “neighborhood” supports duel gender brands and women’s-only apparel including the likes of Mink Pink, Beach Riot, Cultist, Shown to Scale and Morning Warrior, to name but a few.

In addition, Agenda Emerge provides an educational conference where a curated platform will impart firsthand knowledge from industry leaders such as Marc Ecko, who is scheduled to appear at the Long Beach show.