Germany’s federal development minister Gerd Müller has announced to introduce a new textile certificate in order to admonish the country’s clothing industry to meet social and ecological minimum standards. The politician of the CSU party said to German newspaper Welt am Sonntag: “We are currently preparing a textile certificate for sustainably produced clothing that shall be introduced within the running year:” Müller said that Germany wants to become a pioneer with this step, but that its neighbors France and The Netherlands had already beckoned that they want to join in.

Müller further announced to be calling in a meeting of the German textile industry during the upcoming weeks. The minister demanded a voluntary self-commitment of the textile and clothing companies to follow certain social (work safety and minimum wages) and ecological standards. If this wouldn’t work on a voluntary basis, Müller announced to apply more pressure by creating a legal framework for the compliance with these standards.
According to Spiegel Online, Müller also blamed the textile industry for a lack of commitment and little changes in terms of safety and sustainability after catastrophes like the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh one year ago.